Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining

What Is CloudMining

CloudMining is a Service Provider in for mininig Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other cryptocurrensy.

Cloud mining is so simple users just buy hashpower to start mining, without worry about hardware, electricity, internet etc

Now, Bitcoin community is more famous, that's why CloudMining be one of the many ways for get Bitcoin

But not all CloudMining is legit, there are several SCAM, so people must be careful to choose Cloud Mining

Dont thrust with CloudMining promising high profit, fast return of investmen (ROI), because CloudMining like this will scam soon

This the list of LEGIT CloudMinig

1. Genesis Mining

2. HashNest
3. Eobot
4. HashFlare

If your computer specification good, i think u should try SoftwareMining