Storiqa-Smart Marketplace Powered By Blockchain

Now his era of online shopping but it's difficult to buy goods in different countries using fiat money, transfer bank and etc. that's why the application of cryptocurrency becomes an important issue. 

But can you actually buy something from another person using bitcoins or “altcoins”?

Even though more and more outlets and merchants are beginning to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment, anyone in possession of a sum of bitcoins or “altcoins” can still not use them in day-to-day financial operations.

Building a system of e-commerce business is quite a sophisticated problem. The company has to spend a lot of resources on creating of a team and channels of distribution. In addition, one should know how to promote a product in light of trends and specificity of a particular market

Our aim is to offer a solution called Storiqa

What Is Storiqa ?
Storiqa is a platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world. With an easy-to-use online store builder, any seller is able to create their own storefront to sell their goods, while making use of the platform's wide range of features for a minimal fee.  including the option to pay for goods with cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens.

Storiqa integrates all the necessary tools for starting the trade and promoting the products to other countries' markets. This is useful not only for first-time entrepreneur and start-ups, but also for offline shops. An easy-to-use platform allows you to create an online shop and manage it without additional expenses and staff.

One of the main features of Storiqa is the use of blockchain technology, which allows to make the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction costs and business costs, and simplification of the purchase process.

Why Storiqa ?
Because we offer  many advantages such : 
- Extensive and easy-to-use service
- Low fees
- Low transaction costs
- Detailed sales analysis
- Advertising support of your business
- Payment in popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC etc)
- International markets access
- Transparent and decentralized review system
- Tools for customer communication and financial reporting
- STQ token payment for goods and the platform services at special price
- CPA network with opinion leaders for product promotion

The key part in the system is assigned to token. Paying for a purchase in tokens the customer may count on the best offer. The sellers’ need to pay the fees and other platform services in STQ will make hard basis for stable condition of token value.

Advantages Storiqa For Sellers And Buyers
A. Advantages For Seller
- Low entry
   We offer an efficient, simple, and low-cost set of tools with a clear interface, loyal client 
   base, all to make your goods available internationally

- Comprehensive support from the Storiqa team 
   Business owners can always get in touch with the platform developers using our 24/7 
   support service, while any customer-related issues can and will be resolved with the help 
   of Storiqa arbitration.

- Items can be sold for cryptocurrency or any fiat currency alike 
   Sellers receive payment in the currency of their choosing, including cryptocurrency.

- Storiqa Community Services 
   Storiqa is a community of helpful people! You can get in touch with the communty to request
   description (with translations), photos and video and text reviews for the items you sell, 
   using the platform’s tokens as a reward. Crowdsourcing is the foundation of the Storiqa 
   community our flexible system will let sellers choose the exact combination of community 
   services or a full community package for their store. In addition, requesting presentation 
   content for your items will mark them as verified, showing your customers that everything 
   you sell was tested and approved by the likes of them.

- And Many More
   You can find the details advantages for seller in whitepaper Here

B. Advantages For Buyers
- Buying what you need from anywhere in the world 
  Our platform will host millions of unique, tailor-made items created by smallscale 
  manufacturers that you will not be able to buy in any large-scale online store.

- Any item can be bought for cryptocurrency or STQ Tokens 
  With minimal fees, while real-world currencies still remain relevant and valid.

- Convenient and simple search for the goods you need 
  Storiqa offers an extensive catalog of items sold in stores across the platform with fine-tuned 
  filters and categories, making finding the things you want to buy a simple experience

- Honest reviews 
  The smart contract records the interaction between the buyer and the seller, ensuring 
  all reviews come from people who actually bought the item.

- Safe and secure smart contract deals 
  When a transaction has been made, the seller can be sure that the buyer will receive their 
  item(s) when and only when the it arrives at the destination. At the very moment that the 
  seller sends the package, the buyer receives a tracking code, which will allow them to track 
  their order real-time. The smart contract ensures that the money goes to the seller’s account 
  only after the item has reached its destination. Failing that, the buyer will be eligible for 
  a refund within 14 days

- And Many More
  You can find the details in whitepaper Here

Storiqa Smart Contracts Details
Visit Our Source code on Github for more detail

Use of smart contracts

Storiqa Token Details

STQ tokens are issued for internal and external payments of the Storiqa system and also are the only payment instrument when you need to pay fees or pay for marketplace services. STQ token are deeply integrated into the system to ensure maximum trade flow — as the number of agents using the system grows, the value of any cryptocurrency usually increases

Use of STQ tokens

Token Sale Information
Token ticker STQ
Token sale starts 28th of November 2017
Token sale ends 13th of February 2018
Total Supply No more than Hard Cap
Soft Cap  $ 5 000 000 (Reached)
Hard Cap  $ 25 000 000
Bonuses: - 2%   For purchase of $100 000 and more 
- 5%   For purchase of $150 000 and more 
- 8%   For purchase of $200 000 and more 
- 10% For purchase of $300 000 and more 
- 15% For purchase of $1 000 000 and more 
- 20% For purchase of $2 000 000 and more 

Our Team
Ruslan Tugushev CEO, Co-founder
Evgeny Gavrilin Co-founder, VP Marketing
Prabhsimran Singh Business developer, India & Middle East
Jason Kwok Business developer, China
Adeniyi Adebayo Business developer, Africa
Peter Xu Adviser
Austin Kimm Adviser
Paddy Tan Adviser
Wulf Kaal Adviser

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